Putting Ethics to the Test with the Inaugural BAP Ethics Case Competition

WRITTEN BY:  Juwin Lee

I was fortunate this year to participate in the BAP Ethics Case Competition over 23-24 March 2018. The competition was the first of its kind in subject matter, in comparison to annual professional events such as the EY and Deloitte case competitions. Participants of the BAP Ethics Case Competition researched ethical principles, raced against time in an escape room, and presented solutions to a panel of judges from industry and academia.

The week leading up to the presentation was a busy one. My team struggled to find time to work on the case study in between classes, professional events, and work engagements. The first major roadblock was the loss of one member from a 4-member signup. We did eventually settle on a 3-person team after preparing our pitch. The rest of the week can be summarised as extensive research, late night discussions, and presentation practice.

On 23 March, teams battled each other in rounds of competitive case analysis in the escape room. My team solved complex riddles, roleplayed as corporate executives, and formed 3-step action plans to provided cases. The cases tested our ability to apply ethical principles in real-life scenarios such as whether to bypass security on a phone used by a terrorist organisation.

All teams prepared to pitch their solutions attended the USYD Business School Refractory on 24 March 2018. Teams were invited to present their research to the judges’ panel and answer questions in a Q&A. I can speak for my team, and several others, that participants were still practising in the hours before the official proceedings. My team consisting of Jay Yadav, Reni Cvetkovska and myself achieved second place out of 14 teams for our research into ethics and presenting talent.

The BAP Ethics Case competition was not my first foray into the consulting field, but it has certainly been an amazing learning experience. Team coordination, time management, and public speaking are all areas I have improved upon. I can be proud of my team’s achievement and the overall success of the case competition.

Juwin and his team presenting

UTS BAP Executives and Faculty Advisors



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