Community Service

BAP helps to “Clean Up” our small part of Australia | 4 March 2018

WRITTEN BY: Renata Cvetkovska (Community Service Events Subcommittee)

On Sunday 4th March 2018, UTS BAP participated in Clean Up Australia Day by removing litter from The Goods Line. In its place, our members left a positive impact on the environment and contributed to a sustainable future. Driven by a strong sense of community spirit, UTS BAP joined thousands of Australians who similarly sought to protect and preserve the environment, as well as the wildlife inhabiting it.

The event proved to be a great success, with our members drawing the attention of passerbys and receiving praise for their impressive clean up efforts. Their enthusiasm, and commitment to reducing the destructive impact that carelessly discarded litter has on our environment was truly inspiring.

Juwin Lee and Avanti Gomes were both named Most Conscientious Volunteers for the day.

In the lead up to the event, our BAP executives worked together by outlining the different tasks that would have to be performed in order for the event to run smoothly. By remaining organised, they ensured that each deadline was met and that practical solutions were generated whenever problems arose.

By collaborating with the Clean Up Australia Day organisation, and the Local Council, our Community Events team obtained access to a clean up kit and organised a location at which the clean up bags could be collected. Furthermore, by teaming up with the Marketing executives, the event was effectively promoted and its importance reached a wide audience.

On the day of the event, our Community Events executives assumed leadership roles by appropriately delegating tasks in order to increase productivity. Additionally, by holding a safety briefing and providing guidance throughout the day, they ensured that everyone had a safe and enjoyable cleanup.

Ultimately, the event was a highly rewarding experience. By providing our members with an opportunity to contribute to such a good cause, it instilled a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.


The BAP members that volunteered on Clean Up Australia Day

Community events, such as Clean Up Australia Day, are essential in fostering a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility. By becoming involved in BAP, Accounting, Finance and Information Systems students can give back to the community by participating in events that are similarly geared towards community service. By doing so, they can meet and work alongside like-minded people who are also passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the community.


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