Being a BAP member opens doors to international competitions

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Fung (President)

This August, three UTS BAP members had the opportunity to travel to America to compete in two competitions.

Best Practices

The Best Practices Competition starts off at the Regional Meeting with teams from each region competing in any one of the three categories.

This year, the UTS team competed in the Leadership Development category, pitching how UTS has implemented new leadership opportunities for more members to be involved and the purpose of our events to increase leadership potential.

The team won the category at the Regional Meeting and went on to compete at the Annual Meeting.

While they did not win a place, they performed spectacularly and received high commendations.

This follows from the UTS team’s third place victory in the 2016 competition in the category of Leadership Development as well.

Fraser Bleach and Tully Cameron representing Oceania and UTS during the Best Practices Pitch

You can find more information about Best Practices here:

Project Run With It

Project Run With It (PRWI) is a consulting competition for BAP members who apply for a position to compete only at the Annual Meeting. Our UTS representative, Jessica Fung, was required to submit a one page statement of interest before being selected to participate.

The competition brings four people from chapters across the regions to collaborate on a real world issue provided by a not-for-profit organisation. This year, our UTS representative competed to come up with the winning proposal for The Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, CA. The task was to analyse parent surveys and make financial recommendations in terms of potential revenue streams, estimated costs and sustainability factors.

The team only had 24 hours together to put together a submission and work on a pitch.

Jessica became the first representative from Oceania to place first in PRWI, and we hope to see more representatives from UTS competing and placing in this competition in the future.

Jessica (2nd from right) placed first with her team in Project Run With It

You can find more information about Project Run With It here:

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